We are a global player offering IT services with prime focus on advertising, Marketing & Strategy solutions in various domains.Under Marketing & strategies umbrella, we do research on your products, their features, sales model and market competition and provide relevant strategy analysis reports which can help you in understanding your market position, strengths that reassure your steps in sales growth in your respective geographic location.

In e-marketing we have Staroffers.in, a website that deals with offers and promotions from diverse shops in the city, a one place stop to find the best offers from your favourite shops. We advertise various deals of the stores with extraordinary marketing strategies and also provide the required backend support to facilitate the increase in sales of the shops.

We also provide great support to our customers by developing and maintaining business based fashionable websites that help them to grow their business.

What we really do For Companies:

Companies which may be either a start-up or having new product or opening a new branch in a newgeographical region wants to invest in sales to attain profit. Sales team needs a thorough understanding of current market and the geographical locations where their selling or pitching wins, which can be obtained through an extensive marketing research and strategy reports.

How can they get it?

With its knowledge enrich team, Agath conducts high level marketing research and provides valuable strategy reports that supports companies investment in sales.

What is covered in this Marketing researches and strategy reports we prepare for your company?

  • * Similar Product availability in market

  • * Product competitors

  • * Area suitable for marketing and investments

  • * Industries that are in need of your product

  • * Costing of your product based on industrial level

  • * Client list

  • * Profit summary : profit that can be achieved based on above marketing research

Additionally to enrich our relationship with our clients we help with following free marketing features:

  • - E-marketing through professional networks

  • - Discussion forums

  • - Blogs

  • - Email marketing to your expected customers about introduction of the products.